Brexit? Not for EasyJet Europe flying under Austrian flag

Brexit? Not for EasyJet Europe flying under Austrian flag
The new post-Brexit course of the Easyjet  received the Austro Control Aircraft Operator Certificate (COA) and the Air Operator License from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in Vienna.(BMVIT) ).
EasyJet has planned the re-registration of all remaining 110+ aircraft based in Europe needed for EU operations over the next two winter seasons. This process will be completed before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.
The headquarters for the airline will be Vienna and the management of EasyJet Europe will have full operational and financial control of the company. Thomas Haagensen, current director for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, was appointed Managing Director for EasyJet Europe.
“This announcement is the result of a long and far-reaching regulatory process in Austria,” said Carolyn McCall, CEO of easyJet. – The Austrian Aviation Authority has been selected as the most suitable option for its rigorous approach to safety. I thank the Austrian Government, BMVIT and Austro Control for their support during this process and trust in a long and fruitful collaboration. EasyJet Europe has a strong on-site management team, led by Thomas Haagensen, who will oversee the transfer of aircraft and people to the company, ensuring the company continues to operate flights to the European Union after the UK has left. In addition, like all other European airlines, we will continue to be a catalyst for reaching an agreement on UK and EU flight rights that will allow flights between Europe and the UK. “
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