Kenya asks where are the new ferries?


Anger is spreading among commuters, the business community, and the tourism trade over the unexplained delay of delivering the new ferries for the Likoni channel crossing, which presently connects the island of Mombasa with the southern mainland, a crucial link for tourists and the local community alike.

Initially, the ferries were to be delivered last year. but constant delays were experienced and procurement payment issues in Kenya were also not helpful towards a timely delivery.

It is now understood that it may take several more weeks before the ferries may arrive in Mombasa, but no word was received as to the shipping route, which may add more dangers to the timely delivery should the route go through waters infested with Somali ocean terrorists, as it would more than likely need a navy escort all the way from the Red Sea to the port of Mombasa.
Interestingly enough, no one has yet used the Icelandic ash cloud as a reason for explaining the fresh delays.