Situation back to normal in Nepal after nationwide general strike


After six days of a continued nationwide general strike, the main opposition – the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) – on Friday evening (May 7, 2010) called off the closure. The UCPN-M made the decision in this regard at a meeting held on Friday evening.

With the withdrawal of the strike, life has returned to normalcy throughout Nepal. All the transportation services, factories, industries, other business firms, and shops have resumed operations since Saturday morning (May 8). There is the smooth movement of tourists and their vehicles inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley. Even during the strike, the protestors had allowed tourist vehicles to operate throughout the country.

The government and the ruling political parties, business community, professional organizations, and civil society members welcomed the Maoists’ decision to withdraw the strike.

Calling upon the UCPN-M to call off the strike and seek solutions to the political problems through dialogue, a huge joint peace rally was organized by professional and business organizations and civil society members in Kathmandu on May 7, 2010. The general public had also expressed their dissatisfactions over the Maoists’ strike.

Leaders of the UCPN-M, however, said that they would change the “form” of their protests. They said that they would organize a sit-in around the Singha Durbar, the main administrative center of the country, from May 9 to topple the government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal.

The current political problem is likely to be resolved soon as leaders of the concerned political parties have continued to hold talks at both formal and informal levels.