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Hangzhou and Expedia celebrate the Great Silk Road

Hangzhou and Expedia celebrate the Great Silk Road

The historic city of Hangzhou in Eastern China, in partnership with Expedia Media Solutions, is celebrating the success of a collaborative online marketing campaign based on the route of the two thousand year-old Silk Road that once connected mainland Europe with this immensely powerful city-region.

The “Silk Road Race – Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign used Expedia’s massive online marketing resources to successfully promote Hangzhou to the European travel market, positioning it as a world-class destination for business, leisure and cultural travel.

“We are delighted with the outcome of our collaboration with Expedia Media Solutions”, says Mr Zhao, Associate Director of the Hangzhou Tourism Commission. ”We feel that it has already deepened and strengthened the relationship between our ancient yet prosperous city and the European travel industry.

“The success of this partnership, supported by the World Tourism Organization’s ongoing Silk Road campaign, has enabled us to promote Hangzhou in the UK and across Europe and to generate great interest in our wonderful and historic city”, continues Mr Zhao.

“Beyond dispute the finest and the noblest city in all the world” Is how Marco Polo described Hangzhou when he visited it in the late thirteenth century, calling it ‘The City of Heaven’.

Hangzhou was then the largest human settlement in the whole world and it completely overwhelmed this great European traveller whose statue now looks out over the shore of Hangzhou’s West Lake, itself a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

One of China’s ‘seven ancient capitals’, Hangzhou has been designated by the Chinese Government as a “Historic and Cultural City” and it’s heritage can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty when it was linked to Beijing via China’s Grand Canal (221 BC), itself a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Hangzhou is just over 100 miles from Shanghai and it can be reached in 45 minutes via China’s astonishing new Bullet Train, travelling at speeds of up to 190 mph!

In 2016, Hangzhou hosted the G20 Summit and its tourism infrastructure has also recently been further boosted by large scale investment in several new top quality hotels and conference centers.

“The Expedia campaign has now come to an end but it has generated well over 30,000 visits and more than 16,000 retweets, demonstrating the vision, wisdom and courage of those who built the Silk Road thousands of years ago and which, to this day, still motivates European travellers to visit and discover the wonders of Hangzhou.” concludes Mr Zhao.