Bangkok, Malaysia airlines to suspend Macau flights


MACAO – Affected by the global financial ” tsunami”, Bangkok Airways and Malaysia Airlines has either suspended or planned to suspend their daily Macau-bound flight services, the Macau Daily Post reported on Monday, quoting official information from the two airlines.

The daily quoted an official of the Thai flag-carrier’s office in Macau as saying that the daily services between Macau and the capital of Thailand will stop operating starting from March 28 this year.

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The official said that they suspend the Macau route because “we don’t have so many clients now that the economy is not doing well”, and the number of passengers traveling between Macau and Bangkok has decreased significantly.

The Thai airline planned to resume its Macao-bound flight services between October and December this year, but it was still not decided.

Meanwhile, an official from the Malaysia Airlines office in Hong Kong also said that it will suspend the Macau-Kuala Lumpur route by the end of March, to which the official did not explain the reason.

The Malaysia Airlines opened its direct route to Macau in November 1995, but suspended it in March 1998 due to low demand and unpredictability during the then Asian financial crisis. The airline resumed its Macau-bound service in November 2007.