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ACI Europe report: Frankfurt Airport is world’s number one airport for hub connectivity

ACI Europe report: Frankfurt Airport is world’s number one airport for hub connectivity

In its Connectivity Report for the year 2017, Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) has confirmed that Frankfurt Airport (FRA) continues to be the world’s number one airport for hub connectivity – an accolade that it has held since 2005 – with FRA clearly exceeding Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) and Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) in terms of hub flight connections.

Hub connectivity is a metric to measure the number of connecting flights that can be facilitated by an aviation gateway, taking into account factors such as the airport’s minimum connecting time or the quality of the available connections. In a globalized, internationally connected world, this is the key to any airport’s success: the better its global connectivity, the more attractive it is to passengers. This of course has an impact on its economic importance as well.

In recent years, Frankfurt Airport has consistently demonstrated and enhanced its quality in terms of connectivity. European airport hubs are among the best connected in the world, with six of the world’s top ten hub airports based in Europe. This is due not only to their geographic location as well as Europe’s high population density and strong economic position, but also – and especially – to the strengths of the European aviation market. At FRA, as many as 1,400 aircraft take off and land daily. For the current summer timetable, FRA is served by 96 passenger airlines flying to 299 destinations in some 100 countries worldwide.

FRA’s hub function focuses primarily on North America and Asia, in addition to destinations within Europe. For these traffic regions, which account for the largest share of the European “hub market”, FRA offers the highest level of hub connectivity of all European airports. As Germany’s “gateway to the world”, FRA is thus both the leading airport in Europe for hub connectivity and the best connected hub in the world – while at the same time providing a minimum connecting time of just 45 minutes.