Montenegro capitalizing on .me domain


Four years ago, Montenegro separated from Serbia, and two years later, the .me domain was launched for the country. Today, it is the fastest-selling country domain on the planet.

“From the beginning it was clear that .me would have its share in the market, and a lot of the .me names are actually selling post-purchase at auction for figures like US$10,000-$15,000,” said Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .me registry in Montenegro. Due to their universal appeal and quality to be easily remembered .me names have become essential online branding tools.

.Me names are short, personal, popular, and very rememberable – with generic names like,,,, etc. Travel and tourism is also starting to embrace the name with a Queensland entrepreneur grabbing the name last year, which now competes against the FVB Internet site.

With the now ubiquitous use of text messaging, the integration of ‘4’ for the word ‘for’ is also becoming a predominant part of domain name branding, particularly with .me travel domains.

Names such as,, are all on offer on the secondary market. All the major online brands now have .me sites in the pipeline ( with Yahoo today (April 22, 2010) announcing that it had purchased the domain for its new messaging service called MEME, which is designed to compete with twitter.