With protests erupting in violence is Greece a next no-go place?


Violence has erupted in the ancient city of Athens earlier today as protesters, angry with their government’s miss-spending which has led the country into financial ruin. Economists have even gone so far as to discourage any investment in the country; advice that has not been doled out for a member of the EU, ever.

With the economical mess the Greek government has inflicted on it’s country, major cut-backs are being expected in the near future as a result of several financial structural changes being forced on the country in order for the EU bail-out to be successful, if even considered. This has not made the Greek populace happy.

Protesters turned out in Athens’ streets earlier to day, with petrol bombs, as reported by SkyNews, which have been met by Greek police with tear gas. Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, has announced a state of national emergency.

This, however, is not an isolated incident today in Greece, and nor is it the last expected in Europe. Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, has broken out into random riots. Violence is expected in Portugal and Spain, which is now facing a staggering unemployment rate of 20%.

CNN and CBC News have yet to report on the incident.

Puts a damper on travel plans, doesn’t it? Ticket already booked? Should you go? This decision is entirely up to the individual, as extreme travel savvy is encouraged. If you have a ticket booked for Athens in the very near future, as a Rookie Traveler, my advice would be to fly in and then head for the hills. You can always see Athens later in your trip. Use your best judgment, be smart and don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

As for me, I have my ticket booked for next weekend, and fully intend on experiencing the country, including Athens. Wish me luck.