Ceylon Chamber launches Greening Sri Lanka Hotels project


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce formerly launched their latest project, the Switch Asia Program, “Greening Sri Lanka Hotels,” funded by the European Union (EU) at the Tal Samudra Hotel Colombo on April 27, 2010. The project will aim to enhance the conservation and environment practices related to energy, water, and waste in Sri Lankan Hotels with the emphasis on the SME sector. The Ceylon Chamber will be implementing the project through CCC Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., the Chamber project implementation arm.

The partners of the project are the Travel Foundation (UK), Responsible Tourism Partnership (RTP), Institute of Environment Professionals Sri Lanka (IEPSL), and the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA).

At the launch, Mr. Prema Cooray, chairman of CCC Solutions, welcomed the invitees from the hotel sector, government agencies, and partner organizations. He spoke about the close association and confidence that has been built up between the EU and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Anura Ekanayake, chairman of Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, then spoke and analyzed the importance of such a project in the current context of tourism in Sri Lanka improving at a rapid pace, after the cessation of the war situation, and the improving global economy specially in the Asian region.

The outgoing secretary of the ministry of tourism, Mr. George Michael, emphasized the need for such practices to be implemented across the board due to the concern for environment across the world. He suggested that we must eventually move on from not only greening of hotels and industries, but also to greening of our own homes.

HE Bernard Savage, ambassador EU, said that he was very happy to launch yet another project under the EU Switch Asia initiative and commended the Ceylon Chamber for the good work being carried out.

Concluding the event, Mr. Srilal Miththapala, project director, CCC Solutions, outlined how the project will be implemented and explained the benefits that hotels can hope to achieve from this program. He outlined the modalities of how the project team will work with hotels who sign up for the program. He also highlighted the role that Travel Foundation UK will play in creating awareness among tour operators abroad and leveraging a competitive advantage for the hotels, as well as collectively, for the destination. One of the larger tour operators in Europe, Kuoni, had already shown a healthy interest in working closely with the project.

More information about the project can be obtained from Aruni on 5588701 or by emailing arunih@cccsolutions.org .