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Sinaloa, Mexico launches “Hands of the World at the Vatican”

Sinaloa, Mexico launches “Hands of the World at the Vatican”

The Embassy of Mexico at the Holy See and the Governorate of the Vatican City State presented the project “Hands of the World at the Vatican” at a reception offered by the State of Sinaloa to promote craftsmanship of Sinaloa.

At the opening speech of the event, the first lady of Sinaloa, Dona Rosa Isella Fuentes De Ordaz, representing the governor (husband) pointed out that the inauguration of this cultural and artistic exhibition has planted seeds that will allow a large population to benefit from fruits produced by the sum of the initiatives that characterize this project.

Dona Rosa Isella Fuentes de Ordaz

This is an exhibition that wants to bring to the attention of the world all that Sinaloa can offer, added Mrs. De Ordaz, saying that it represents an open window on its landscapes, aromas, and flavors of its varied gastronomy. “Our presence here,” said Mrs. De Ordaz, “will serve to establish cultural exchange agreements and educational training, but above all, to initiate trade agreements with our interlocutors. Showing Sinaloa’s culture to the world will also serve to attract more tourism.” She concluded by expressing gratitude for the hospitality and support shown by Dr. Mrs. Jatta, the first woman to lead the Vatican Museums; to Dr. S. Barbagallo, responsible for the exhibition; and to President Nieto and the Government of Mexico.

The initiative of the Sinaloa State authorities, as well as the choice of the Vatican Museums as its venue, is due to the resonance that the famous museum complex can propagate through 40,000 visitors visiting it daily. The exhibition, featuring a video illustrating Sinaloa’s attractions and an important exhibition featuring 40 photographs of the state’s history, traditions, and natural attractions, will remain in the Vatican Museums until September 21, 2017. This date celebrates the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the Holy See. The video will remain only during the months of July and August on the museum’s screens.

Sinaloan dancers and Michelangelo’s dome of Saint Peter Basilica in the background

The Ambassador of Mexico at the Vatican, Jaime Manuel of Arenal Fenochio, stressed that culture is one of Mexico’s most important assets and how, thanks to the talent, commitment, and the assiduous work of its people, it is possible to create a handicraft production of great artistic value. Vatican City State Governor Giuseppe Bertello stressed the importance of this kind of socially-important event, given that the proceeds of the sale of the products are entirely handed to the craftsmen who have produced them.

The cheerful and multi-colored kermess organized on the vast terrace of the Vatican Museums’ Gallery has highlighted a sampling of craftsmanship of the Sinaloa culture and folklore, including the tasting of its gastronomy. The high scenic effect was enriched by the dominant magnificence of the “Cupola michelangiolesca” (Michelangelo’s Dome). Typical dances and Sinaloa music have “profaned with license” the austerity of the location.

The interview

“The western part of the state of Sinaloa overlooks the Gulf of Mexico that shares with the Baja California peninsula, and is included in the tourist circuits of the most well-known Mexican states,” said Sarina Alvarez, representing the Mexican Tourist Board in Italy.

Ms. Sarina Alvarez, Representative of the Mexico Tourist Board in Italy

Sinaloa is one of the 32 Mexican states that excels in art culture and gastronomy, among which is the excellence of local seafood, a favorite not only by Italians. This is an area that Italians will love to discover, confirmed Sarina Alvarez, who for years in Italy has developed the image of Mexico by guiding Italian tour operators to the knowledge of the country with great success. “This destination suits the formula of ‘Emotional Tourism,’ i.e., tailor-made [customized] tourism already adopted by some Italian operators to propose to those looking for destinations outside … mass tourism. Those tour operators will be hosted to the historical city of Mazatlan in 2018.”

When asked how many destinations remain to be discovered in Mexico, Sarina pointed out that many of the 32 states still have so much to disclose. This includes some of the 5 states of El Mundo Maya. And she suggested to always promote applying the tailor-made formula.

Other personalities attending the event included Papik Ramírez Bernal, director of the Sinaloense Institute of Culture, and Deputy Secretary for the Promotion of Local Tourism, Rafael Lizárraga.