Tourism this week in Latin America

ARGENTINA New tourist signaling launched in Buenos Aires

Tourism this week in Latin America

New tourist signaling launched in Buenos Aires
The new tourist signaling at the Av. de Mayo area, developed under the Plan of Prioritization and Diversification of Provision of Tourist Services considers the relocation and installation of signposts in 12 areas in the capital: San Telmo, Montserrat, La Boca, Av. de Mayo, Puerto Madero, Flores, San Nicolás, Plaza San Martín-Retiro, Recoleta, el Abasto, Belgrano and Barracas.

Buenos Aires consolidates as a “reproduction tourist” destination
In recent years, the number of people has increased who arrive in Buenos Aires to follow assisted reproduction treatments. The demand is so high that many local operators are already offering packages for “reproduction tourists” that include visits to glaciers and the Iguaçu Falls.

Club Hoteles Boutique de Calidad adds new members
This season, The BBH, the first Club Hoteles Boutique de Calidad in Argentina, admitted the following establishments as new members: Krista Hotel Boutique in Buenos Aires (December 2008), La Casa de Eugenia in San Martín de los Andes, Estancia El Colibrí in Córdoba, and House of Jasmines in Salta (January). The latest admittance was Correntoso Lake & River Hotel in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, so far totaling 15 members of Best Boutique Hotels.

Gol installed self-check-in terminals in Sao Paulo and Rio
Gol installed self-check-in kiosks at the Garulhos (Sao Paulo) and Galeao/Tom Jobim (Rio de Janeiro) international airports. The service is available to domestic flight passengers with or without luggage. Check-in should be completed up to 30 minutes before flight departure.

BoA one-step away from start-up
BoA is just one step away from starting operations in Bolivia, now that it has been granted the Air Operator Certification by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation. The airline is completing the last administrative proceedings with the Superintendence of Transport to get the final permit –the Commercial Operation Certification– to start actual operations in the country.

The Amazon River ranks first in the 7 Natural Wonders contest
The Amazon River climbed up to the top in Group E of the contest that will choose the world’s Seven Natural Wonders, according to the last ranking published by the New 7 Wonders Foundation. The Amazon –whose candidacy is shared by Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and the French Guiana– had remained second for one month.

Lake Titicaca floating islands to be cut back from 50 to 30
The floating islands will be reorganized and will be trimmed back from 50 to 30, so that tourists could be better catered to. Each island receives between 500 and 800 tourists a day; however, some of them have a very small population and can provide but poor service to visitors, if at all. Only the largest ones and those with more families will continue receiving tourists.

New services by Libertador Hotels
Libertador Hotels has novel and exclusive products for its guests: a luxury yacht that will set sail from La Punta until the opening of Hotel Libertador Paracas in September 2009 –then the yacht (a catamaran) will set sail from Paracas; a 12-passenger plane to fly over the Nazca lines, which will depart from Pisco; and finally, a private 8-passenger plane exclusive for the guests of this chain, that will fly between the various destinations where Libertador hotels are located.

A 5 star hotel built at Pimentel Beach
With a US$ 500,000 investment, a 54-room 5 star hotel has been finished at the Pimentel, Lambayeque beach. The establishment has a gourmet restaurant, suites with Jacuzzi, and terraces with rooms, among other services.

qp Hotels to open five hotels in Peru by 2013
qp Hotels plans to open 5 boutique hotels in Peru by 2013. The hotel chain may already have confirmed a first project in Arequipa and may be assessing future projects in such cities as Trujillo and Lima (Miraflores).

Avianca to start direct flights from Cali and Medellín to Panama
Avianca is completing administrative proceedings to establish direct flights from Cali and Medellin to Panama to offer –via its affiliate Sam– new flight options to travelers from Antioquia and Valle del Cauca to Panama and vice versa. Colombian travelers and those from the region will have four daily flights (28 weekly links) available via Avianca-Sam between Colombia and Panama City. These new flights will be served by a Fokker-100.

Mexico among world’s favorite destinations
In 2008 Mexico was chosen as one of the favorite destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. According to a survey conducted by and data from the Council for Tourist Promotion, Mexico is preferred by 30 percent of all world’s travelers, especially Cancun, followed by the United States with 21 percent, where New York and Las Vegas are the cities with highest demand; Central and South America (17 percent), and Europe (13 percent).

Air Comet to fly to DF starting June 15
Effective June 15, Air Comet will start operating its new Madrid-Mexico route on a daily basis, thus broadening its network towards Latin America.

Havana to host the MITM Americas 2009
The 15th MITM Americas, Meetings and Incentive Travel Market, will be held in Havana, Cuba, on November 18 and 19. Purchasers invited to the MITM are European “hosted buyers” of incentives and meetings. MITM will keep its successful format of pre-requested and pre-arranged individual meetings between exhibitors and purchasers, continuing its small-show concept, focusing on quality rather than on quantity, and equating the number of purchasers to that of exhibitors. US purchasers will also attend the event, despite being held in Cuba.