China Airlines to increase capacity on new cross-strait flights


Taiwanese national carrier, China Airlines and its subsidiary, Mandarin Airlines, have announced plans to fly a larger aircraft between Taipei and mainland China. This move follows growing demand from travellers seeking more cross-strait flights.

China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines will now fly an Airbus A330-300 on all flights from Taoyuan International Airport to Xian, Shenyang, Changsha and Zhengzhou in China. This increased capacity will present further opportunities for UK tourists to enjoy twin holidays between the two destinations in Asia.

As well as providing a fascinating insight into two Asian cultures, travellers will also have the chance to explore the connection between Taiwan’s National Palace Museum and China’s Forbidden City. The National Palace Museum is home to 650,000 treasures and is regularly voted one of the best museums in the world. Many of the museum’s Chinese relics were originally from China’s Forbidden City and were moved to Taiwan when the Kuomintang lost the civil war to the communists in 1949.