New road to Kisoro in Uganda may be breaking up before it is ready


The long-awaited new tarmac road connecting the two southwestern Ugandan towns of Kabale and Kisoro is reportedly already developing cracks before it is even handed over by the contractors to the government. The recent very heavy rains across the country may well be a reason for the cracks, which have in recent weeks become visible at the road shoulders, causing enough concern for government to bring in consultants and engineers for a full assessment of the damage before deciding on what to do next along the affected sections of the road.

The consultants’ report will hopefully shed some light on the origin of the cracks and fissures, and establish if the rains alone were the cause, or if poor materials were used in construction, or if Earth tremors were responsible for the problems.

Kisoro offers short access to Uganda’s two gorilla national parks of Mgahinga and Bwindi and is also close to the border to Rwanda and Congo. The town is surrounded by steep volcanic mountains and extensive tropical rain forests and various lakes, making it one of the most scenic locations in the country for tourists.