Travel makes us human. Qatar Airways believes that the sky is better without borders. And that the entire world is all of ours to explore.Travel is a right – Going places together.

Qatar Airways is today releasing a new Television and Social Media Commercial entitled “No Borders, Only Horizons” which showcases how the skies are for everyone, should be free of restrictions, and that this world is all of ours to explore.

The video is obviously in response to the recent boycott by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and some other countries claiming without naming details, Qatar’s support for terrorism. Qatar Airways, of course, is in crisis mode using a narrow air corridor to keep operating without obvious cuts.  The video is done well and impressive to watch.

The statement of open borders is great and necessary for the business model of this 5 star airline.  The right to travel goes along with what UNWTO and WTTC are saying, but it may be a double standard for Qatar?

The country relies on foreign workers and voices of human abuse, officials taking passports and workers hostage, slave work, are becoming louder and louder.  The outcome for Qatar to learn from their own wise words and video would be a good outcome.