Minister vows to make tourism highest priority


Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa yesterday vowed to take every possible effort to turn the tourism industry into the highest foreign income earner of the country.

He was addressing Tourism Ministry officials after assuming duties at the Ministry in Kollupitiya.

He said the Government will not confine development activities to one area of the country.

“Development activities will begin in all areas ensuring the dividends of country’s development to all masses equally.”

Minister Rajapaksa added that he has delegated all powers to Economic Development Deputy Ministers too to streamline this process. The Minister said the people have given the Government an unprecedented mandate to continue the development activities uninterrupted. “The UPFA received the highest mandate under the PR system in the country,” he added.

He said the people through giving a clear mandate to the UPFA in a number of crucial elections have stressed that the country requires economic development. The Minister said his Ministry is ready to bring the economic development to the country with the assistance of other Ministries.

All segments of the society including farmers, fishermen and labourers will be integrated into the economic development of the country, he added.

The Minister stressed that President Mahinda Rajapaksa wanted to uplift every person in the country.

“My Ministry will make special focus on construction, agriculture and textile industry through the Tourism Ministry,” he added.

“Capable Deputy Ministers and hard working officials will accelerate the development process of the country with the coordination of Samurdhi officials and local government institutions,” the Minister said.