Travel anxiety: What worries UK travelers in the 24 hours prior to flying abroad?

Travel anxiety: What worries UK travelers in the 24 hours prior to flying abroad?

A survey conducted of over 1,800 people by Airport Parking & Hotels (APH), the leading airport parking operator in the UK, has revealed the leading causes of UK adults’ travel-related anxieties in the 24 hours prior to taking a flight, whether for business or leisure.

Not packing essential travel documents, such as a passport or ID card, came out on top with over one third (31%) of participants stating this made them feel anxious. The survey also found that traffic on the way to the airport emerged as the second biggest cause for concern, with 26% of participants citing this as something that had crossed their mind while preparing for their holiday.

Perhaps surprisingly, forgetting to switch off all electrical appliances was not found to be the biggest worry, with only 10% of respondents stating this made them feel anxious prior to their last flight. Whereas a number of passengers still seem to feel flummoxed by airline baggage policies, with 23% stating they had anxiety that their luggage would be too heavy and 21% worrying they hadn’t packed according to the hand luggage restrictions.

Nick Caunter, Managing Director at Airport Parking & Hotels, said: “Even the most seasoned traveller can experience travel anxiety before arriving at the airport. However, there are many ways to help ease departure day stress such as planning ahead and putting together a packing list, to ensure nothing is forgotten. Staying at an airport hotel can help get the holiday off to a stress-free start, as arriving at the airport the night before also avoids worrying situations such as delays on public transport and taxis not turning up.”

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