Bombs in Silom leave one dead and around 85 wounded

Red Shirts and pro-government supporters at the Silom crossroads, around the Dusit Thani Hotel area, turned tragic tonight as four grenades exploded near the MRT station. According to the Bangkok Post last night, the blast, which occurred at 8:30 pm, killed at least three persons and wounded another 75. The English-written newspaper, “The Nation,” reported the killing of three persons. However, on Friday morning, the Bangkok Emergency Medical Service officially mentioned one person killed and 86 wounded. Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit declared, however, that the number of injured people in the Silom bomb attacks was not final as more wounded people were transported to hospitals. Public transport such as MRT and Skytrain suspended their services in the area with stations being closed to the public. Sporadic violence between both camps continued after the bombing.

The military posted on Silom road announced earlier in the week that they were ready to crack down on the Red Shirts who have been blocking the commercial heart of the Thai capital for over two weeks. After forcing hotels and shopping malls to close in the Rachaprasong area, the Red Shirt movement moved to the Silom Area, a popular area of the capital.

Thailand’s military warned earlier this Thursday that time was running out for the Red Shirt demonstrators. Newspapers reported the following declaration of Army spokesman Sunsern Kaewkumnerd: “We don’t want you to risk your lives. If there is a clash, you could be hurt by stray bullets. Your time is running out. Please leave the area.” Red Shirts demonstrated on Thursday in front of the United Nations building in Bangkok, begging the UN for help by sending a peacekeeping force to Bangkok.