Norovirus hits passengers of Holland America cruise ship


Passengers on a Holland America cruise ship are not having a very good vacation to say the least as the norovirus has sickened over 100 on the vessel.

The norovirus has been making the lives of many of these passengers miserable for the last few days.

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The ship was set to go from California to Mexico for a 7-day cruise, but it was not able to finish its itinerary.

Sick passengers had to be dropped off in San Diego, California so that they could be taken for treatment.

Workers have been trying to disinfect the ship as well to try and rid of the virus.

Norovirus is a type of stomach flu which has symptoms such as headaches, chills, fever, exhaustion, etc.

The virus spreads easily, as it can be spread without actual human-to-human direct contact.

Holland America reportedly asked passengers who were sick to remain in their cabins and stay there until they were better.

The cruise line industry has had a great track record in preventing the spread of diseases such as this, as this is a rare occurence.