Research Predicts Double Digit Growth for Polish Medical Tourism Market


In its upcoming research report “Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013 – An Untapped Opportunity”, IMRS has identified Poland as one of the most promising destination for medical tourism in Europe. In recent years patients from countries like UK and Germany have visited hospitals and clinics in Poland for medical consultations and treatments. The huge differential in treatment cost and nil waiting time have emerged as the two important parameters driving the inflow of patients from other countries to Poland. Beside this entry of Poland into European Union has also resulted in positive thrust to medical tourism industry.

According to the report, the medical tourism industry in Poland has potential to grow exponentially in future driven by association and government support coupled with increasing number of private healthcare facilities. As per IMRS findings, Poland will continue to attract large number of medical tourist from European region similar to past trends due to less travel time and absence of visa requirement for travel within European Union borders. We anticipate more than 15% CAGR growth for medical tourism market revenue in coming years due to increasing flow of medical tourist and rising percapita expenditure by medical tourist on treatments and surgery.

The only challenge for Poland medical tourism market will come from already established medical tourism destination like India, Singapore and Thailand. IMRS anticipate Poland will be able to overcome this challenge due to its proximity to European countries and presence of well trained medical experts similar to western countries.

“Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013 – An Untapped Opportunity” gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview of the various aspects of medical tourism industry in Poland. It helps reader to get complete overview on the latest trends, medical tourism market revenue, number of medical tourist arrival, and treatment cost comparison between Poland, Germany and UK. Report also gives brief overview on the existing healthcare infrastructure in Poland in terms of number of public and private hospital, medical personnel, and health resorts.