Oceana and UN light Empire State Building blue for World Oceans Day


Tonight, in partnership with the United Nations, Oceana will light the Empire State Building blue to mark World Oceans Day.

“World Oceans Day is a time for all of us to rededicate ourselves to the vital cause of ocean conservation,” said Oceana Board Member Susan Rockefeller. “It is my hope that seeing the Empire State Building lit in a brilliant blue will lead New Yorkers – and people around the world, via social media – to reflect on the majesty of our oceans and inspire grassroots activism.”

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“Our oceans have tremendous potential that is too often overlooked,” said Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless. “If we restore healthy oceans, we can feed more than one billion people a day in a way that is truly sustainable. Wild fish can be a source of sustenance for the future.

“The truly exciting thing about ocean conservation is that the same policies that help wild fish populations thrive – protecting habitat, reducing pollution, and trusting the science on fishing limits – also protect wondrous creatures and support the oceans’ almost unfathomable biodiversity.”

Today, as people around the globe celebrate World Oceans Day, Oceana is encouraging everyone to show their support for the oceans with the hashtag #TurnItBlue and Oceana’s limited-edition World Oceans Day filters for Facebook and Twitter.