Unidentified individuals attacked three tourist coaches carrying Greek tourists at Ochris, Skopje on Sunday evening. Foreign Ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos denounced the attack strongly, asking from FYROM’s (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) authorities to protect the Greek citizens, who visit FYROM.

“We condemn in the strongest way the organized attack from unknown individuals against the Greek visitors and their property,” stated the spokesman.

“Unfortunately, such actions, which affect the communication between the two peoples, are the result of nationalism and bigotry turned against Greece, promoted by Skopje lately”, said Mr Koumoutsakos. “We demand from FYROM to protect the Greek citizens, who are visiting their country; we also demand that the culprits are arrested and punished for yesterday’s unprovoked attack.”
On Sunday evening, about 20-30 individuals attacked three Greek tourist busses that were parked in the centre of Ochris, waiting for the Greek tourists to return from their excursion.

As per the local media, the culprits used spray to write on the coaches “Macedonia”, “United Macedonia” and “Alexander the Great”.

However, the Greek tourists added that the culprits had thrown against them pieces of wood and stones to one of the coaches, causing additional damage.

According to the local media, may Ochris inhabitants condemn the incident; as such actions defame their city’s image.

Meanwhile, the Ochris Mayor denounced the incident, apologising for the incident to the Greek Liaison Committee in Skopje at the Greek consulate in Monastirie responsible for Financial and Commercial Affairs.