European tourist stuck in Florida? SeaWorld has a free one-day pass for you


MIAMI – European tourists stranded in Florida because of a volcanic ash cloud that has paralysed air travel to and from northern Europe got some good news on Monday: an offer of free one-day passes to SeaWorld.

‘SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is offering free one-day admission to any United Kingdom, Irish or Continental European tourists stranded in Florida due to the interruption in international air travel caused by Icelandic volcanic ash,’ the company said in a statement.

The offer, which is valid until Wednesday or ‘until normal flight schedules resume,’ applies to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica waterpark and Busch Gardens Tampa, it said.

SeaWorld, famous for its shows with orcas and dolphins, made headlines in February when a five-ton orca called Tilikum killed a trainer after a show.