Seychelles Cousine Island book now on the market


A full documentation and pictorial book has just been launched about the conservation efforts made on Cousine Island of the Seychelles, which besides the detailed illustrations also serves almost as a handbook for how island conservation should be approached, what challenges arose, how they were dealt with, and what steps have to be taken to ensure success. The new book covers the entire period of work between the early 1990s until very recently, when the book’s manuscript was handed over to the publishers.

There is one little resort on the Cousine Island, according to a source in Mahe, offering 4 private villas for a maximum of 10 guests, who will be able to enjoy the unique flora of the island almost for themselves, even when the resort is booked up. Visit their site at for all you need to know about the history of the island, the present ownership, the conservation credo, and of course rates and booking details for intending guests.

Interested readers can find our more information about this highly-recommended book by visiting the following site:,descCd-description.html – available through Amazon Books worldwide.