Arab American Business Fellowship Program

We’ll meet iconic advertising genius, Allen Rosenshine, the architect of one the largest ad agency mergers ever undertaken and the author of Funny Business: Moguls, Mobsters, Megastars and the Mad, Mad World of Advertising. Now passionately serving on the board of Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA), Allen talks with us about the impact of globalization on the American
reputation and the pressing need to improve the image of the US within the world community. One of the most successful initiatives recently undertaken by the BDA to accomplish this goal is the
Arab American Business Fellowship program where businesses participate in an international exchange of young business executives to achieve unity and better understanding. The result
has been an unparalleled people-to-people, cross-cultural corporate experience. Find out how you, too, can act as a world citizen and “help your country while you travel for your company.”

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