Germany and United States partner on trusted traveler programs


The United States and Germany signed a joint statement this week that will develop processes for qualified citizens of either country to apply for trusted traveler programs in each other’s country.

The United States has their Global Entry program and Germany has their Automated and Biometrics-Supported Border Controls (ABG) program, and linking these two programs is being applauded by the US National Business Travel Association (NBTA).

Michael W. McCormick, NBTA executive director & COO, said: “NBTA has been calling for international registered traveler partnerships for years, and we’re excited to see two of the world’s largest business travel markets work together to unify these risk management programs. Extending the benefits of each program to foreign travelers will help facilitate travel and trade between these two powerful nations, while at the same time enhancing homeland security protocols for both countries.”

Paul Tilstone, NBTA Europe managing director, said: “Partnerships like this are exactly what European nations need to help get travelers back in the sky and keep corporations on the road to recovery. Business with the United States is vital to the European economy and vice versa. This new joint trusted traveler initiative will pave the way for more efficient transatlantic travel and commerce exchange.”

Global Entry is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program allowing pre-approved members an alternative to regular passport processing lines. ABG serves a similar function for German citizens, using biometric information to identify trusted travelers.

The United States and the Netherlands last year launched the FLUX Alliance, which allows citizens of the Netherlands to apply for the US Global Entry Program and US citizens to enroll in the Netherlands’s Privium program for expedited entry into Amsterdam.

McCormick added, “The governments of these nations have set a wonderful example of how countries can work together to make international travel faster and safer. We look forward to additional global partnerships as these international registered traveler programs grow.”