More Americans traveling abroad


The US outbound non-stop air market in January 2010 was 3 percent higher than the same time the year prior. According to the US Department of Commerce, 2.8 million passengers flew abroad, and air travel abroad registered month-over-month increases in six out of the last seven months.

The three percent increase in January 2010 was driven by air travel to Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East/Africa, and Oceania.

US spending in January 2010 by US travelers on foreign carrier passenger fares totaled US$2.3 billion, down seven percent compared to January 2009. For the month, the balance of trade for passenger fares was a US$4 million surplus, with passenger fare receipts declining more than 10 percent in January 2010.

Highlights: US Citizen Air Traffic to Overseas Regions, Canada & Mexico

• Overseas markets increased four percent in December
• Europe declined one percent for the month
• Asia grew six percent for the month
• Canada decreased three percent for the month
• The Caribbean increased seven percent in January
• For the month, air traffic to Mexico decreased one percent
• South America was down two percent for the month
• Central America was down two percent for the month
• The Middle East was up 34 percent in January
• Oceania increased 24 percent for the month
• Africa increased 21 percent for the month

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