The French people’s Sub Yu magazine looks at Seychelles tourism under its innovative new public-private sector management


The Seychelles Islands have been credited for their innovative move to hand over the management of the pillar of their economy over to the private sector in the latest issue of the French people’s magazine “Sub Yu.” Their Issue 13, just out brings Seychelles to the forefront with six main topics. The magazine has dedicated their latest issue to the successes of the Seychelles, the creole islands in the Indian Ocean, following the government of President James Michel’s innovative move to bring private sector professionals into his government. The move to bring the island’s known hotelier, Alain St. Ange, as the island’s director of tourism, was seen as a move of openess in his administration. The “Sub Yu” people’s magazine dedicates its front cover to Alain St. Ange, today the popular tourism personality of Seychelles who is credited to have turned the island’s tourism industry around after an alarming drop in visitor arrival numbers were recorded following last year’s economic recession that affected Europe, the island’s main tourism market.

“Sub Yu” publishes an interview with the island’s director of tourism, and this is followed by an article saying that a holiday to the Seychelles is remembered as a trip of a lifetime. The beauty of the islands are exposed as well as the “SPA 5 mondes” of the Meridien Hotel at Barbarons Beach on the main island of Mahe. They also cover the flora and fauna of the islands covering the “coco de mer” exotic nut and the island’s climate that brings the idylic year-round climate of 27-28 degrees celsius.

Seychelles is the only mid-ocean granitic island, which prides itself as having the best beaches in the world and the most welcoming turquoise blue seas. They are situated just above the cyclonic belt, which spares them the destructing heavy winds that causes alarm to their neighboring sister islands year after year. The culture of the islands are also covered in this issue of “Sub Yu” with local artist, Golbert Nourrice, brought to life for the world to get to know.

“Sub Yu” is a respected people’s magazine of France and by dedicating their latest issue to the positive changes taking place in Seychelles, they are bringing to the world the successes achieved from the new-found openess of the tropical islands of the Seychelles.