Newly-created Madeira Wine Route


May 4, 2017 | By PressEditor | Filed in: Feature Releases.

The Wine Route seeks to bring new life into the region’s wines and aims to provide unique experiences to visitors. These experiences may be a simple visit to a wine cellar or a tasting, or something more involving, such as participation in the grape harvest during production time or grape stomping, for example.

In light of Madeira’s economic focus on tourism and given the need to preserve and promote Madeira Wine, a sensitive product that requires maximum attention, the following are some of the overarching objectives of the newly-created Madeira Wine Route:

• To promote tourism, economic, social and cultural development across the Autonomous Region of Madeira, based on the culture of wine and wine making, such as the landscape, wine culture and fine dining.

• To create a trademark tourist product: “The Madeira Wine Route”.

• To promote Madeira as a destination through Madeira Wine.

• To increase the quality of services in order to attract the interest of visitors and key stakeholders in the broader wine industry.

• To develop and enhance the wine and its cultural heritage.