Darain archeological findings are 2500 years old and cover 3 civilizations


SCTA’s (Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities) excavation team has recently announced the discovery of important antiquities in Darain town, Tarot Island, at the eastern province. The findings revealed that the discoveries lie on three layers of settlements indicating three different civilizations.

Dr. Ali Ghabban, vice president of SCTA for Antiquities and Museums, following his visit to Darain stated: “The site represents a residential area, which three civilizations were settled dating back to 2500 years. The first period represents the pre-Islamic era, second period immediately before Islam, and third period represents the early Islamic era.” Dr. Ghabban had inspected the site and briefed on the discovered antiquities in order to specify possible time for handing over the land to its owner after the identifications of the archaeological finds on the site.

In a press statement, Dr. Ghabban stated that the Eastern Province PTO will announce the initial findings, based on the gathered material and discoveries on the site and said, “The research team which unearthed the site got amazing results during a brief period. It was designated as a residential area. They found human skeletons trapped near the palace of Abdul-Wahhab Faihani. Next was the discovery of coins of early Islamic ages, which are yet to be addressed and when done, might give a greater dimension of the region. Well-preserved kitchen sets with complete cooking paraphernalia of the early Islamic times were found with as much as doused-out cinders and fire ashes.

“The kingdom’s eastern province has the most important archaeological sites, which are full of monuments and historic buildings wherever you go and throughout the ages. We hope to take advantage of these findings for tourism and economic development with positive implications on the region.”