Rwanda tourism planning annual Kwita Izina festival


The Rwanda Development Board – Tourism and Conservation, has last week given more public information about the planned activities and programs for the annual Kwita Izina festival, when the young gorillas born during the past year will be named.

The festival this year will coincide with the World Environment Day, for which Rwanda was selected by the UN as the venue to launch and hold the global celebrations on June 5.

The activities for the week will go underway by May 28 this year with a joint press conference in Kigali and will eventually span the entire country from Kigali where workshops will focus on conservation and related issues to the various venue site on the foot of the volcanic mountains, where the gorillas have their habitat.

The combination of the two events will add to the attraction for many conservationists and friends of Rwanda to come to the country over that period of time, and anyone considering traveling to the “land of a thousand hills” is best advised to secure airline bookings right away and book hotel space as soon as possible.

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