Kenya travel publications closing down


Following catastrophic management decisions, the company which some time ago produced Twende and then merged with TN, the two leading travel and lifestyle magazines in Kenya, is reportedly closing down altogether following earlier reports that they would move from monthly to bimonthly or even quarterly production.

East African Magazine (EAM) of South Africa, which entered the Kenyan media market a while ago, has never gotten to understand the business climate in Eastern Africa, then upset a number of their faithful contributors by cutting their free copy of the magazine and telling them to buy it while happily accepting the articles and reports for free, and their biggest mistake then was to frustrate media veteran Carol Arwings Kodhek, who was the founder of Twende, to the point of leaving the magazine and robbing it of the greatest asset they ever had.

However, maybe we can find a silver lining on the horizon as surely there is now space on the Kenyan market once more to launch another new travel and lifestyle magazine, and it cannot be soon enough, considering the many faithful subscribers first TN and then Twende had across the region, who are presently starved of this type of reading literature every month.