With new ID cards Saudi women can travel to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries without male guardian


Riyad – Saudi king Abdullah, who originally initiated the concept of ‘interfaith dialogue’ for the acclamation of world leaders, to promote world peace is immensely popular among the citizens and residents of this oil rich kingdom. He has introduced many reforms within the country gladly accepted appreciated by the clerics as well as well the laymen.

His government’s latest landmark proposal is to issue new ID cards to Saudi women for travel within the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, comprising; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Women don’t need a male guardian to apply anymore.

However, women will still require permission from their male guardians to travel abroad.

The new high-tech cards will include GPS tracking, fingerprints and features that will make them difficult to forge. The card, which is optional, has been touted as a additional step toward women’s empowerment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This step will add some self esteem to Saudi women that will help them ease their movement in the region, especially for businesswomen who travel a lot.

A considerable number of Saudi women are involved in business and they frequently undertake business related trips.