Kenya Tourism Trust Fund seeks additional money


The Kenya Tourism Trust Fund (KTTF) needs up to a billion Kenya shillings, according to information sent in from Nairobi, if it is to fulfill its mandate and support the tourism sector in the coming months and years. The fund was formed a few years ago with the support of a major EU-funded tourism project, but this has since then expired and not been renewed, similar to the situation in Uganda, where tourism appears to be off the priority list of government when entering bilateral discussions with development partners and friendly governments over areas of technical and financial assistance.

Presently applications worth over 700 million Kenya shillings are pending before the KTTF, and while some 300 million Kenya shillings are already committed and finance is available for it, the other projects currently hang in the balance until funding is secured.

In particular, projects in regard of eco-tourism and community-based tourism projects are leading the applications, and while their overall proportion in the statistics is still below 10 percent, this market segment is growing annually in excess of 20 percent. It is thought that, in particular, the component of community-based tourism projects would generate additional employment in areas where jobs are otherwise hard to come by and should, therefore, be given priority in funding, as and when money has been secured.