Uganda Commonwealth Heads of Government hunters go after tourism minister


In a not entirely unexpected move, the parliamentary public accounts committee, presently investigating circumstances of expenditure for the 2007 Commonwealth Summit, demanded from the Minister of State for Tourism, Sarapio Rukundo, to “bring the money back,” which his ministry spent in connection with the summit. Some 4.5 billion Uganda shillings, the equivalent of about US$2.25 million “must be brought back” according to orders given by the members of parliament to the minister, as the committee further asserts its authority and delves ever deeper into expenses which were not authorized, failed to produce results, or where shoddy work was detected afterwards.

Also highlighted in the committee’s questioning was once again the “training deal” sidelining the national Hotel and Tourism Training Institute in Jinja, which incidentally had prepared all the parameters, criteria, and templates ahead of the summit for government, in favor of a highly-questionable and promptly-criticized deal through a local company, whose owners have since then reportedly pulled out from Uganda when the heat got to be too much for them and the writing on the wall appeared.

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