Could your role in tourism be determined by your childhood?


This is true for Jennie Pretorius, a tour operator in South Africa who takes your idea of a safari to the next level. Jennie was born in Johannesburg and entered the hospitality industry at the age of 5 when her parents moved into the mountains; there, guests were treated to daily hikes in the Drakensberg, evening entertainment, and 3 wholesome meals per day.

Her love for nature and the environment paved the way for her to study nature conservation, but being a “people person” resulted in her career choice leaning more towards travel and tourism where Jennie eventually made her way to being a luxury tented lodge manageress in a Big 5 Game Reserve.

Jennie’s father used to take her hiking as a child into the sandstone hills in search of shelters containing one of her most important cultural heritage references, the San/Bushman Rock art paintings. Today, one the most fascinating tours Jennie encourages guests to take is a tour into these natural art galleries hidden among the hills.

Horse riding was a fun childhood form of transport and entertainment; these days, Jennie has selected a few destinations that take horse riding up a notch. The horse safaris include viewing wildlife, pristine beaches, and beautiful mountain ranges.

Living so close to nature, observing the natural world, and spending weekends surrounded by zebra, antelope, and rhinoceros, most definitely resulted in her passion for wildlife and wilderness retreats. The wildlife safaris Jennie has selected, allow visitors to experience animals in their natural habitat, and there are no limits to the choice of wilderness destinations – limited only by the number of days you will allow yourself to unwind and relax, surrounded by nature in every direction!

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