Seychelles Tourism Board publishes first tourism ambassador newsletter


“Once a Seychellois, always a Seychellois,” this was the tenor of the press release to this correspondent by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) a few days ago. In an added effort to firmly embed the concept of tourism ambassadors appointed for key overseas tourism markets, the Seychelles Tourism Board has issued their first-ever newsletter to the over 60 ambassadors who look after the country’s tourism interests abroad and support and provide market intelligence to STB back home on the archipelago.

Said Mr. Alain St. Ange, the director of tourism marketing at the tourist board: “The saying ‘Once a Seychellois, always a Seychellois’ cannot be more true, and these men and women will do our country proud as they become ‘foot soldiers’ for the pillar of our economy, our tourism industry.

I firmly believe that all Seychellois living abroad are natural ambassadors of their country of birth, the country that they love.”

The mailing includes a complete list of appointments and their places of residence or work and also adds more information about press coverage generated by the move, all aimed to give the ambassadors more motivation and data for their day-to-day work.