Light aircraft crashes into Kenya city estate


On Monday in the late afternoon, reportedly during a heavy rain storm, another light aircraft destined for Wilson Airport crashed into a residential building in Nairobi’s Dagoretti estate, while enroute from an upcountry airstrip to the capital.

Unconfirmed reports presently speak of up to three occupants in the single engined aircraft, all of whom are presumed to have died on impact, which included the pilot and his passengers, although so far only one body has been found in pieces. No injuries were thankfully reported of the people living in the neighborhood.

The Kenya police and staff of the Civil Aviation Authority dealing with air accidents were swiftly at the scene and a full investigation into the circumstances of the crash will shortly get underway when the team has been formally appointed by the Minister of Transport, as is required by law.

Wilson Airport, one of the busiest if not the busiest airport in Africa for general aviation movements, has been encroached upon by buildings directly underneath the approach and departure path and any mistake by a pilot, or a technical fault of an aircraft, almost inevitably leads to a potential disaster in waiting, as a plane then has little room to maneuver and avoid hitting buildings.

This was the fourth such incident over the past six to eight months, and residents underneath the flight paths in and out of Wilson are asking for added safety measures to avoid more such accidents involving residents of such estates.