Constance Ephelia Resort beats local staff requirements


The recently-opened Constance Ephelia Resort, which was given a 55/45 staff ratio for the employment of Seychellois citizens, has apparently beaten this requirement by giving job opportunities to 62 percent, i.e., 7 percent above the licensing requirements for opening day. Thirty-eight percent are expatriates, but a number of the positions held now by foreign hotel workers will in time to come also be filled by national understudie’ already employed by the new hotel and being trained up for a specific task.

The resort has been working with the Seychelles Tourism Academy towards training staff ahead of the opening day, including showing direct involvement with the academy so as to ensure that the locally-recruited staff are indeed up to scratch and will be able to deliver the hospitality quality guests come to expect when staying at one of the group’s properties.

A visit by the Seychellois Minister for Employment and Human Resources last week expressed satisfaction with the working conditions and the on-the-job training, which the resort avails to all their staff as an ongoing exercise, in order to further hone their skills.

It is understood from a source in Mahe that the resort already employs 735 staff, a number expected to grow as more rooms become available. The Constance Ephelia Resort, located on the main island of Mahe near Port Launay, is set to become the largest resort complex in the Seychelles, when all villas, residences, suites, and rooms are completed. Set on a peninsula, the resort, is according to other sources, offering the most acreage per room of any of the major resorts. A sister resort, the Lemuria Resort, is already up and running on the island of Praslin. Visit for more information.