British Airways: Strike does not change profit outlook


London – British Airways said Monday that it has flown more aircraft during the second strike by its cabin crew so far, adding that its full-year profit outlook remains unchanged by the walkouts.

BA said that the first two days of the current four-day strike — over the weekend — had cost the airline around 5.5 million pounds ($8.2 million). That’s less than the 7 million pounds per day it estimated for last week’s three-day day walkout.

“Earnings expectations for the year ended March 31, 2010, continue broadly unchanged,” the airline said in a statement.

BA is on track for a record loss this year after reporting an operating loss of 86 million pounds for the first nine months, compared with a profit of 89 million pounds a year earlier.

BA said it operated 83 percent of its long haul program over the weekend, compared with 78 percent during the first strike, and 67 percent of its short haul program, compared with 50 percent.

The airline is locked in a long-standing dispute with the Unite union over pay and working conditions for its 13,000 cabin crew.