More power cuts for Tanzania


No sooner had power been restored to Zanzibar very recently, after months of misery, has widespread load shedding resumed in mainland Tanzania last week once again. The power company, unable to blame it on lack of water in the dams this time round – Tanzania, as much of the region, has suffered from torrential rains recently – had to admit that their machinery has broken down in several plants at the same time, causing rationing of power for the entire country once more.

Lack of maintenance has often been blamed in the past, claims at the time denied by the power company, only to sink the country back into darkness again. Allegations have promptly emerged over lack of competence and lack of routine maintenance work being carried out, not the first time this has happened.

Hotels, industries, and domestic consumers are now “off power” again for at least 4 hours each day, likely more going by past experience, adding cost to their businesses for the use of their own in-house generators while leaving those without inverters or back up generators in the dark.