Was your hotel room worth the price you paid?


NUREMBERG, Germany – Six hundred thousand hotel ratings are being analyzed by www.hotel.info from booking customers from around the world in terms of the price performance of 3- and 4-star hotels. The Hotel Value for Money index at the end of 2008 revealed these somewhat surprising results.

Given a global comparison, hotel guests regard hotels in Tokyo, Japan as providing the best value for money. Major cities such as New York, Moscow, and London are disappointing in contrast, not even making it into the top 20. The top score at an international level was an impressive 7.84 points (Tokyo). Lisbon (7.71) and Prague (7.66) occupy places 2 and 3. In a comparison of other major global cities, New York has to be satisfied with a weak rating of 5.72, unable to keep up with the pace set by the top international destinations. US capital city Washington scores 6.52, taking position 17 in the list of top capital cities.

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Among US cities, it is not Los Angeles or Chicago that tops the bill, but Indianapolis. While the surprise winner, Indianapolis, beat Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Seattle to the top spot with a score of 8.54; Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles put in a below-average performance, being in the bottom third of the national ranking.

Overall, however, hotels in major US cities fared well by international standards in terms of value for money.