Parliamentary committee directs Kenya Airports Authority to be redone


The shenanigans of outgoing Kenya Airports Authority’s CEO George Muhoho have now reached parliament in Nairobi. Following a series of negative press reports about a range of issues and more recently about his alleged efforts to engineer his succession, brought members of parliament into the fray, who demanded that these allegations be investigated. As a first fallout, the recruitment process for a new CEO was halted, according to a directive given by the parliamentary committee, and has to be redone from scratch to ensure proper transparency and sound results. Said one MP serving on the committee: [the process was] “skewed and shrouded in mystery.”

Muhoho’s choice successor has scored mark levels to which in contrast the other applicants simply paled, giving rise to more allegations of the entire process having been tailored around one individual, who allegedly was handpicked and was to be shoed into the soon-to-be-vacant position.

The board of directors is mandated to search for a new CEO, and it is expected that a new advert, under the watchful eyes of the parliamentary committee, will soon appear and a fresh selection process begin unless, and there are indications that this might happen, the board would defy the parliamentary committee, putting parliament and the KAA on a collision course similar to the botched re-appointment of the former head of Kenya’s anti-corruption body, where parliament defied the presidential appointment and forced his man out of office.