Domestic tourism exhibition in Nairobi


The “Holiday 2010” exhibition, aimed at the Kenyan domestic but also the regional tourism market, is on this week again between March 17-21, held as usual at Nairobi’s Sarit Centre. Hotels, lodges, safari camps, and beach resorts will all showcase their low-season special offers for Kenyans, Kenyan residents, and East Africans, many of which will see reductions of over 70 percent compared to published rack rates, making a holiday at home, i.e., a visit to the Kenyan beaches or game parks, more affordable for ordinary people and expatriated living in the region.

Traditionally, the annual low season commences in early April, or the week after Easter, and then runs up to the end of June, at times even until the middle or end of July.

Domestic tourism was the backbone of survival during the global economic downturn for many of Kenya’s accommodation establishments and has been targeted by the Kenya Tourist Board as a key component in marketing the country and making the tourism industry less dependable and less vulnerable to events elsewhere around the world.