Fort Lauderdale Airport attack: Flyersrights warned US House in April


Why was the U.S. House of Representative Oversights Committee ignoring an urgent letter delivered on April 28, 2016 by Washington DC attorney Paul Hudson, president of ?

The United States of America aviation system is not safe according to Flyersrights, and Hudson may have a point, and he may have had a valid warning delivered to the US House committee in April 2016.

Could Mr. Hudson’s warnings, if they were followed by the oversights committee helped to avoid an attack we had seen at Ft. Lauderdale international airport today killing 5 airline passengers?

Chances the gunman would have not made it to the Alaska airport with a gun in his suitcase if an airport perimeter security was a reality at U.S. airports. Such a reality is routine in most parts of the world, including Brussels, Bangkok, India, Israel, just to name some.

Another email Mr. Hudson sent on November 2, 2013 urged for national guards to safeguard airports, including the baggage area.

This is whatPaul Hudson wrote on April 28: