Seychelles appoints more tourism ambassadors


The Seychelles Tourist Board used the opportunity in Berlin, while attending the ITB tourism trade fair last week, to announce the appointment of yet more tourism ambassadors, all based in potential tourism source markets for the archipelago.

All ambassadors need to be Seychellois and, it is understood, should have some connection to the tourism sector in the country where they are based. The chosen individuals are expected to support the promoting of travel to the archipelago and will assist tourist board activities in the area of their residence or assigned responsibility. A full list of these ambassadors has now been availed to eTN and is reproduced below for the benefit of our readers:

Ms. Christine St.Ange from Brisbane
Mrs. Anne Kautsky (née Ahlock) from Perth
Mrs. Marie Luce George (née Savy) from Sydney
Ms. Debra Michaud Payet from Victoria

Mrs. Archangel Kopar (née Léon) from Salzburg

Mr. Robert Underwood from British Columbia

Ms. June Camille from Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Mrs. Chantal Karlic (née Robert) from Dubrovnik

Czech Republic
Mrs. Barbora Ponovská in Czechoslovakia
Mr. Gwilym Sicobo from Zlin

Mr. Bernard Delafontaine from Bordeaux
Mr. Nicolas Van Beveren from Montevrain
Mrs. May-Cecile Frezou (née Lajoie) from Montpellier
Ms. Brigitte Hermitte from Nantes
Ms. Pauline Ferrari from Paris
Mrs. Rita Richez (née Romain) from Paris
Mrs. Mary-Lyn Camus (née Faure) from Saumur

Mrs. Annette Wagner Esparon from Freudenstadt
Mrs. Lindy Scheele (née Samy) from Munich

Mr. Hermant Jivan from Bangalore

Ms. Sylvianne Toussaint from Venezia

Mr. Melton Ernesta from Kingston

Mrs. Popsy D’souza-Getonga (née Mothée) from Nairobi

Mr. Bertrand Rassool from Mauritius

Mr. Gerard Moustache from Maputo

Mrs. Jaqueline Soopramanian from St Denis
Dr. Tony Wong from St Denis

Mrs. Kristina Autefault (née Adrienne) from Moscow

Mrs. Sinha Levkovic (née Chetty) from Belgrade

Dr. Claude Renaud from Singapore
Mrs. Susanne Lundeby (née Rose) from Singapore

South Africa
Mrs. Mary Marsac (née Faure) from Cape Town

Mrs. Beryl Laporte from Malmö

Mrs. Dona Wallin (née Appoo) from Geneva
Mrs. Audrey Bonvin (née Beaudoin) from Montreux

Mrs. Maryvonne Pool from Dar es Salaam

Mrs. Pearl Hoareau from Kampala

United Arab Emirates
Ms. Daniella Narty from Dubai
Mr. Emmanuel Marie from Dubai

United Kingdom
Mrs. Betty Michel from Birmingham
Mrs. Rita Hinder (née Mondon) from Eastbourn and Brighton
Mr. Gafoor Yakub from Greater Manchester
Dr. Jose Souyave from London
Ms. Brigitte Mougougy from London
Mr. Derick Ally from London
Mr. Roch Evenor from London
Mrs. Georgia Dunlop (née Fernandes) from Oxford
Mr. Robert Delpeche from Wales
Mr. Nick Baldwin from Winchester

United States of America
Mrs. Rosemary Wood (née Rault) from California
Mrs. Karen Johnson (née Pilling) from Colorado
Mrs. Doreen Brown from Florida
Mr. Joss de Lestange from Florida
Mr. Jules Rault from Florida
Mrs. Rosemarie Pothin from Kenosha
Mrs. Leonie Naylor from Michigan
Mrs. Jaqueline Elias (née Young) from New York
Mrs. Patricia Fifer (née Sinon) Rhode Island
Ms. Helene Frichot from Seattle
Mr. Mike Valentin from Texas