Montenegro tourism campaign seen as strike against tourism in Croatia


A new campaign to attract tourists to Montenegro, under the motto “99 euro for 10 days” is seen as a marketing trick and a strike against tourism in Croatia, according to Croatian media.

The massive campaign aimed at attracting tourists from neighboring countries to stay for 10 days at hotels at Montenegro’s Adriatic coast for 99 euro is organized by Montenegro’s Tourism Ministry, the Tourism Organisation in Podgorica and the Montenegro Tourism Union. It is assumed that this price would also include transportation.

These offers would be valid for the months of May, June and September, the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti reported yesterday.

In an article titled “The Montenegrin strike against Croatian tourism – 9 euro for one day at the seaside,” the Croatian daily Jutarnji list described the Montenegrin offer as a marketing trick.

The publication pointed to the fact that the campaign includes private accommodation outside of the active tourism season. Outside of the season in Croatia, it wrote, private accommodation costs 10 euro per bed in a double room, showing that the Montenegrin price is nothing exceptional. In Croatia, the publication claims, tourists get a standard that is twice as high for the same price.