American joins Delta, JetBlue, requests exemption on tarmac rule


A third airline is requesting to be exempt from a new federal rule that limits the time passengers can be held sitting in a plane on the runway due to construction at a local airport.

American Airlines say the delays caused by the closure of the main runway at John F. Kennedy Airport could cost them millions of dollars.

The airline is joined Delta and JetBlue in filing for the exemption.

The three airlines are the biggest operators at John F. Kennedy Airport.

A new Department of Transportation rule that takes effect April 29th orders airlines to let passengers off planes that are delayed on the tarmac for three hours or more, or face fines of up to $27,500 per passenger.

JFK’s Bay Runway closed this month for repaving, which is expected to take four months.

While the airlines have already cut their schedules to help ease delays, they fear the situation could still present a problem.