Iron Range Tourism Bureau urges Bob Dylan to come home


HIBBING – Bob Dylan has made no secret of the fact that he didn’t feel accepted as he grew up on the Iron Range.

But tourism officials say the times they are a-changin’, to borrow a line from Dylan’s third album. Now, they’ve launched am online campaign to get Dylan to come home and perform a concert.

Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman in 1941 in Duluth. His family moved to Hibbing in 1948.

“It’s no secret that, years ago, Bob wasn’t really accepted here, but times have changed…and so have the people of the Iron Range,” said Cheyenne Denny, Executive Director of the Iron Range Tourism Bureau, in a press release. “Today, people have a true appreciation for Dylan and we are genuinely inviting Bob back to where his musical and poetic roots started, right here on the Iron Range.”

The tourism bureau has launched a website,, where Dylan fans can sign a petition urging him to perform on the Iron Range. The bureau is also promoting the campaign through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

An independent group has organized “Dylan Days” in Hibbing annually since 1991. This year’s event is set for May 27-30. More information is available at