Precision Air gets new ATR 42


Tanzania’s leading private airline and partner of Kenya Airways took delivery early last week of yet another ATR 42-500 aircraft, part of the purchase deal signed with the French manufacturer some years ago. This is the second such aircraft now delivered under the purchasing agreement, with five more aircraft, both ATR 42 and 72 models, still to join the fleet.

ATRs form the backbone of the Precision Air fleet in Tanzania and are deployed on both domestic and regional routes, as the aircraft offers the right numbers of seats needed to their scheduled destinations and has a superior flight economy compared to many of the commonly-used jets in the East African region.

While christening the aircraft “Kigoma,” the Precision Air management called upon government to give them designated carrier status for destinations in neighboring Mozambique and the Congo DR and other countries in the wider region to commence flight operations following a growth in demand for direct air travel.