Premier Uganda traveler guide celebrates 10th anniversary


There is a saying that time flies, but this truth was driven home afresh with the recognition that Uganda’s premier web and print guide for travelers and visitors, The Eye – – has just completed their first decade in existence and is now entering into the next, brighter, bigger, more colorful, and more interesting than ever before. When the first edition appeared in 2000, it was only 44 pages strong, printed in black and white, and a modest 2,000 copies were printed and distributed then.

Today, the current edition is 122 pages strong, printed in four colors, and has just reached a record distribution of 14,000 for the anniversary print. It was also learned that after Uganda and Rwanda, The Eye was going to spread its wings to Malawi next, visible on the net through and more countries were on the list for expansion.

The Eye, free for readers through dedicated distribution points, finances itself entirely through advertising sales and has obviously weathered the global economic and financial crisis better than many other publications. Visit the bi-monthly magazine through the website shown above or see the quarterly Rwanda edition via It is a must see and read material for any intending visitors to Uganda and Rwanda!